• We sell only “Business to Business” and require that all customers have valid Sales & Use Tax Account in the State in which they do Business.
  • All Merchandise is NEW, not used.
  • When you place an order your shipping cost is not calculated in the cart. It is added after the order is packed. 


Terms are Prepay. On the day we are ready to ship, we charge your order to the credit card you provide.

Return Policy

  1. All complaints and claims must be made in writing, within 5 working days of your receipt of merchandise from us.
  2. All merchandise must be in original polybags and in the original ,new condition.
  3. No returns will be accepted or credit given without prior return authorization.
  4. You will be assigned a Return Authorization Number and it must be on the case in order for your return to be accepted at our dock.
  5. Returns must be sent back to us with prepaid freight.
  6. No returns will be accepted without prior approval

Become a Customer

Registration for the website is not the same as Customer intake paperwork. The Registration allows you to view our website in full. Customer intake paperwork establishes you with a Customer number and and allows us to ship orders to you.

Click Here for a New Customer Application Package. Fill out the paperwork and Fax to 919-439-0428.

Once your paperwork has been received and approved, we will be able to ship orders you might send to us.  Your order will be confirmed with a phone call from one of our Inventory Specialist. At this time we do not process credit cards online. You will verify your method of payment with your specialist and they will have your order entered into our system.